Bits Of Myself

Great art lives in the soul. It spews out in stupendous, extraordinary and often-times dangerous expressions. Daring to be an artist in any measure or medium is the longing and load I bear. Seeming to be of another place and time, lifted above, seeing myself as a dislodged being perhaps, keeps me disquieted and yearning. Yearning to write all about it!

On these pages, I dare to put pen to paper with a clear and clean focus. Allowing all the bits of myself to pour forth without fear of the danger or risk. Hurrah!

Bent on the Dark Side of things, Worlds of Fantasy, Satan in all his forms, human stains, childhood nightmares, terrors known and unknown and yet to be, I am of that, all. Having lived in and through some or most of it myself, I can attest myself expert. 

With all hope,

I Cordially Extend You an Invitation : to come along, join me, visit, read, taste

Bits of Myself



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