Grinding somewhere in the midst of the outer-world the creature transformed me.  All I knew of it was intense, screaming pain: a torrent of fiery wind pulling me and no sense of time or space.

Vision was lost, only touch and fear remained as the beast’s horrible gift. Sappria now named, possibly damned and doomed to servant-hood as I ever knew he would have me be. 

Blown and grinding, backward in pain. Screaming voices in horrific hordes echo far beyond, and tormenting chords of stinging laughter tore at my ears, too large and growing still larger. Tangling globs and torrents of webs wrapped my strange feet, blade-like and stringy. 

Groping in the maelstrom, finding purchase was impossible! Something was terribly wrong with my hands! I could not see them in the wind. They felt long, hard and knotty. 

Somewhere in the distance I heard moaning, crying out-again and again. A cry so desperate and frail, terribly full of fear. Above the grinding and blowing I raised a voice to answer. In doing so I realized to my horror, that the frail cry was my own!

Another voice echoed through the maelstrom. The heart I had left caught in my throat and all I knew stood still. How could she-be here?

Alas, the monster, The Master, the beast had given me a choice.




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