Madness Among Fiends

Once upon a Midnight,  Awash in looming moon-shine,

Somnulent soul-less shadows,  Shades of daunting Demons and Familiars,

Arose from depths to dance Untethered.


 Alas, arose Master Prince afore them-tethering, a Path unending,

Circlings of spilling doors a-rising, Enclosing upon, inside Itself 

A Hellish Labyrinth of terror, Binding in Madness familiars and fiends.


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  1. Love this!

    amazing : )

    have a good day ahead

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I appreciate you stopping by my site and reading the postings…
      I have visited yours and liked what I saw-need to spend some more time there ☺️!
      Check out
      that is my other site-poems, musings, short stories, art and the like-it’s somewhat tamer…

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