Broken Path

Upper-middle class – children grandchildren.

 Retired, respected, intelligent  

Shock of long graying black hair  

Still lovely approaching sixty.

Lately restless, confused.  

 Longs to recapture youth, independence

Gradually withdrawing

 Slips into strangeness 

Her door ajar, allowing  optimal entrance

Decreasing awareness,  prisoner of loneliness and boredom

Mind plays tricks of romantic outcome.

Robbed, hiding, watching like a demented voyeur.

Remorse and guilt  followed by panic , loss  

Further withdrawal squirms

 Months of vague normality torture

 Her loss irreplaceable,  life total emptiness

 Raging self-loathing slams in 

 Door ajar- desperation, insane hope

Intruders gain entrance 

Lovely voyeur remains

Undisparing, hope fulfilled

Forever re-living lost years

Horribly in ICU

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