New Media…First Look…Pastel

Imagine my excitement and joy when my neighbor, a prominent painter in our community invited me to a meeting of the local Watercolor Artists Society! Watercolor is not my forte’ nor hers, but the guest speaker that day was giving a demonstration on pastels. 

Our exercise was to draw an apple with a hand full of pastel oils on the small square of canvas she provided. Although mine looked somewhat like a tomato, I must have slid through the test. Two groups of ladies invited me to join them in their homes for art and fun!

Today I open my new box of pastel oils and pencils. Who knows what will appear on the canvas? I cannot wait to see!

Thanks to my sweet artistic neighbor, I now have an opportunity to grow, learn and expand my horizons with women who have a lot to teach me! My first meeting with them is coming up next week. I hope you will walk with me through my joy in learning a new media. 

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