Blinded to the Light

Once my son said to his daughter “Grandma is a little crazy but you can trust her.”

Although she was just three years old, hearing him say that in my hearing meant that I had come a long way.

My best friend of over forty years once told me that when I came to her house she never knew who was going to show up.

What a scary situation for her that speaks volumes about the truth of her friendship and also to her freedom to tell me afterward.

 Living manic or depressed you are unaware of your behavior-smashing through with your grandiose plans, projects and demands or a lump of weight-needing help with everything, making promises unable to keep. 

Addicted-to substances and to yourself, you are a hard pill to swallow for your family and friends.

Sadly, blinded to it all, I lived this way for years, getting worse as I was prescribed more and wrong medicine. 

Photos sometimes speak louder than words:


…more to come…




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