Mixed Media

Work in progress… Trying pastel with water color and acrylic.  I have introduced acrylic paint pens into her hair and like the look. The tips are much too thick for facial features and that has changed her eyes. ***If anyone has an idea for me besides painting over, please chime in!!! *** Thanks!!!  Myra  

A Strange Gift

pin.it/w4a5xiexgrhhcu What you like one day is a whimsical fleeting fantasy of mind, often coming from the pure joy an image brings. It creates a story perhaps or a poem. How happy to find over months-even years-this small Joy trickles alone bringing inspiration or dreams or happiness to dozens of others. I wish I knew…

New Artwork

Mixed Media of Bird of Paradise Bloom artist: Myra Dingle

Praise the Lord

Father, You are the one, true God. You are our help and shield, the source of all blessing. I will extol the Lord both now and for evermore. Praise the Lord!