TV adds early morning ravaging my brain Turn it off and think Finding my center does not come easily

The Whole Earth Shakes

Lift up your heads! He comes, riding on the clouds, Shining like the sun, The whole earth shakes! He is the King of Glory! Hosanna in the highest! Source: The Whole Earth Shakes

Everest Shells

Photograph-Tanya Ackerman-award winning photographer, Pawleys Island, SC

Winter Morning

Salt mist on winter marsh December morning   photograph by Tanya Ackerman Pawleys Island Creek


  Small Syzygy Marsh hen tide Misty Moondance Coming on Fall    

Stand Back

Feel the heat as your heart is erased. 

Oh… Percy Mercy Love!

Where were you in ’62? When soul and rounding sweet Turning Joan and typing Bob did Magic of Percy’s love rhythms meet Hoarse bard croons charismatic chords Bell-toned Madonna smiling, sings How many roads, turns, times, lives Oh…Mercy, Mercy Me! Oh…Mercy, Mercy You!


Bright cold blinking orbs of night Stars of twinkling endless light, Echo throughout space-less sight To the Earth, “Adore Him!”   Thundering churning ancient deep Bottomless seas,  Leviathan’s keep, Soundings so bring all to weep. All on Earth, “Adore Him!”   Thrusting volcanic majestic powers Spiraling heavenward, temple towers, Calling ever-all to sing, All the World, “Adore…