A Taste of Heaven

Featured Artist-Tanya Ackerman Award-winning Photographer Pawleys Island, SC

A Grief of Joy

Whispers In loud hushes Breathe relief Fragrant soul sounds of Holiness

Buji-nin: Photo Seeking Title

“Buji-nin” -D.T. Suzuki would sometimes sign himself “Buji-nin” or “No Special Person” Source: Buji-nin: Photo Seeking Title

A Week of My Art Picks

“Challenge one to challenge another” has been going on within the art community where I live this past week. Some amazing pieces have revealed themselves that I would like to share with you. In the next few days I am thrilled to show you the works of a couple or more exceptional local artists from…

Something Happened and Nothing Happened

Come you Huddled Masses You Impoverished And Homeless  Nationless Peoples. Come All To the Lady of Liberty Work, Live, Speak and Worship In Freedom. ______ Something Happened. Bang! You’re Bl… Source: Something Happened and Nothing Happened

Everest Shells

Photograph-Tanya Ackerman-award winning photographer, Pawleys Island, SC

Grand Old Bridges

  Old Cooper River bridges-Charleston,SC Now replaced by The Ravenel Bridge The oldest is the two lane original on the left. I remember how very narrow it seemed as a child when traffic went both ways.

Proud River

Roll on in your majestic soulful grandeur, Fill and spill your uncounted tributaries, your hidden slews overhung with moss, adventures awaiting among ancient slave banks, tangled and brambled hunting holes once habitats. Mystically drawing those who know the lay of the land.    Roll on with your deep dark secrets of stately Colonial Plantation life…


Twisted path of sticking sand Cold and desolate Dark clouds predicting gale