Hot Death: Two

Frozen death, spilled hot.  Freya screams, silenced as stone.  Tundra blazing red. Ancient Armaros rages. Young Queen arises. Hot stone death undone. Source: Hot Death: Two

The Taxidermist

Cold as stone, he found him. Lifeless matted friend . Sled a’home took him.   In lamplight dim began. Thawing fire a’blazing, Chipping, tearing, cleaning.   Warm as toast, he … Source: The Taxidermist

Hot Death

Death runs hot Spilling circles, ghorish frigid Bleating horns splinter Singing songs of Cronin Source: Hot Death


    The living orb eternally spins.  Mono-cellular to intergalactic. The Word is spoken, all begins, reforms, spins again. Gravity Source: Gravity

Cupid Weeps

Odin, from his glassy yonder laughs in delight Icy tears of virgins swim through swirls of night   Habard wanders, licking lovely wounds Thor, joyfully, thundering tempest sounds   Fitful… Source: Cupid Weeps

Summer Morning

Strange for a little town girl. I am not scared. The smell hurts my nose. I can keep climbing. I don’t like it up here! It’s so hot. My eyes burn and I can’t see. Okay, I can duck… Source: Summer Morning


Once the boy came home it was inevitable. Sherman left most even the sane folk jumpy, some just plain dangerous. Hot as it was with people hungry and wandering about, he had to see his mama. Make t… Source: Thunder


Running, pumping, feet pat, patting  Dawning sun, striding, breathing Brimming creativity, drip, drip-salty Rising, humid, stillness-thump, thump-beating Amazing clarity, mind/soul, ramping Blazing… Source: Running

Summer Morning

                                                 Strange dainty pods               Pop on dewy prickle                                    ………