My pen is bent to glory. I address my verses to the King. He anointed me with grace. My pen bends to a noble theme. Your dwelling places are lovely. Your throne is beyond our comprehension. Truly i… Source: Canticle


Twisted path of sticking sand Cold and desolate Dark clouds predicting gale  


A sliver of a crack I pass too near The hollowness knows me * Numb and restless, I stumble The sliver now a maw Making exquisite music * Reality and dream merge Maw and music become one I fall through the crack * Deep inside the sliver I see the crack I have passed too…

Broken Path

Upper-middle class – children grandchildren.  Retired, respected, intelligent   Shock of long graying black hair   Still lovely approaching sixty. Lately restless, confused.    Longs to recapture youth, independence Gradually withdrawing  Slips into strangeness  Her door ajar, allowing  optimal entrance Decreasing awareness,  prisoner of loneliness and boredom Mind plays tricks of romantic outcome. Robbed, hiding, watching…

Only a Heart Break

Your love feeds my being sustains my sanity              <‘> One glance into your face the door closed  

Hollow Hotel

Sticks and stones will break your bones Things that go Bump in the night will hurt you. Sense and secrets will wreck your mind As the troubadour’s blade slices open. Come, ye senseless and bo… Source: Hollow Hotel

Mysterious, Mythical Morning

Sing a song as bards of ages, Grand, glorious and brave. Of reigning stars upon Olympus, Set to lines in dawning stages.  Mysterious regal blooms sing In vining locks of green. Falling, framing, ever so graceful, Crowning the face of the mythical king. 

Red Heat

Sing a long song, read in surreal.                            ~~~ Lyrical and mad, hot and strong. Strange the beast is, tilty and tall. Loping in wonder lust, skin and bone. Sundown rhythm boom, headfirst, the fall.                      …

Madness Among Fiends

Once upon a Midnight… Somnulent soul-less shadows arose.. Master prince tethered, Binding them in madness… Source: Madness Among Fiends