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Early I find you, My Joy withers with thirst  Where have you gone  Very life of my being? My heart is caged  Yours, an old unknown stone.

Mixed Media

Work in progress… Trying pastel with water color and acrylic.  I have introduced acrylic paint pens into her hair and like the look. The tips are much too thick for facial features and that has changed her eyes. ***If anyone has an idea for me besides painting over, please chime in!!! *** Thanks!!!  Myra  

Loved Forever IV

Originally posted on mfdpensonpi.wordpress.com:
I can almost see her! Insurmountable Joy is breaking into my world again. A coming brightness filling heart and soul… Dreams bring a likeness of her into focus for a fleeting moment. I look around and she’s gone! Bring her closer! Is her hair light or dark? It’s silk…


  Art on trial Unfinished nude Waiting…she for her final debut I, my muse  

Blinded to the Light

Once my son said to his daughter “Grandma is a little crazy but you can trust her.” Although she was just three years old, hearing him say that in my hearing meant that I had come a long way. My best friend of over forty years once told me that when I came to her…

A Strange Gift

pin.it/w4a5xiexgrhhcu What you like one day is a whimsical fleeting fantasy of mind, often coming from the pure joy an image brings. It creates a story perhaps or a poem. How happy to find over months-even years-this small Joy trickles alone bringing inspiration or dreams or happiness to dozens of others. I wish I knew…