New Art Series II

Those of you who read my last post will know that I have started an art series this photo piece being the beginning of the third piece-the first one with a full face to be painted in acrylic. As I expected, just to get this far with her face was tricky at best and even…

New Artwork Series

I have been absent from you guys for several months! Not fallen of the face of the earth but continuing to learn to actually paint. These two in acrylic are two of pieces in a series that I have begun. The third is in progress. It will be be full face-quiet a challenge for me,…


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Early I find you, My Joy withers with thirst  Where have you gone  Very life of my being? My heart is caged  Yours, an old unknown stone.


  Art on trial Unfinished nude Waiting…she for her final debut I, my muse  

A Strange Gift What you like one day is a whimsical fleeting fantasy of mind, often coming from the pure joy an image brings. It creates a story perhaps or a poem. How happy to find over months-even years-this small Joy trickles alone bringing inspiration or dreams or happiness to dozens of others. I wish I knew…

Night Shift.

Night Shift. — Read on Lemanshots is one of my favorite sites. Her photography is edgy, fresh and amazing! Being the daughter of a professional photographer of the day when I was in the darkroom with him, these are a marvel of art to my senses! What my dad did with chemicals and…

New Artwork

Mixed Media of Bird of Paradise Bloom artist: Myra Dingle