Richard B. Moody-Featured Artist

Today’s featured artist is a personal friend of mine. Aside from being a gifted and talented man, he is an inspiration, encourager and mentor to me. Richard has taught and challenged me to think and explore outside the box in art and writing. We have not known one another very long, but from our first conversation…

Proud River

Roll on in your majestic soulful grandeur, Fill and spill your uncounted tributaries, your hidden slews overhung with moss, adventures awaiting among ancient slave banks, tangled and brambled hunting holes once habitats. Mystically drawing those who know the lay of the land.    Roll on with your deep dark secrets of stately Colonial Plantation life…

November Sunset on the Creek

Sunset at Goat Island, near Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Photographer: Selena Camp Source: November Sunset on the Creek

I Need My Pills

We Blew It… Is It True… Source: I Need My Pills Source: I Need My Pills

Coming on Fall

Photo post by Source: Coming on Fall