Holy Week Words II

St. Augustine’s prayer posted yesterday is a call to praise, worship, belief and joy in forces unseen greater than ourselves.  Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter, the day of Resurrection from death to life, from UN-seeing to seeing, from despair to joy, changes  absolutely everything. I look at the work of the artists and their…

Proof of Life: Buji-nin

  A young man, tall and strong-jawed born of a line of military genius, sarcastic and exuberantly witty, played in the Age of Aquarius. He haltingly tested his professors with his grasping min… Source: Proof of Life: Buji-nin

Canticle II

My soul thirsts for the living God. The deer seeks out water brooks. My most inner self longs for you, thirsts for the living God. His mountains of stone like Him stand. His rapids and floods cover… Source: Canticle II


My pen is bent to glory. I address my verses to the King. He anointed me with grace. My pen bends to a noble theme. Your dwelling places are lovely. Your throne is beyond our comprehension. Truly i… Source: Canticle

Cold Silence

Do not tell me you are listening when your heart is cold as stone and all passion is flown. You sit as if yourself was in the room but I am as alone as one abandoned upon the frigid north sea. I speak words to you that pass your hearing yet sustain like notes from…

New Media…First Look…Pastel

Imagine my excitement and joy when my neighbor, a prominent painter in our community invited me to a meeting of the local Watercolor Artists Society! Watercolor is not my forte’ nor hers, but the guest speaker that day was giving a demonstration on pastels.  Our exercise was to draw an apple with a hand full of…

Sharon Parker Turner

Featured Artist Sharon Parker Turner is a native of Georgetown SC and lives at Pawleys Island.

The Sprites of Spring

The Sprites of Spring Call upon unearthly eyes, childhood rhymes and fields of poppies Like swaying dancers, jubilant for sun. Hark, Ye noble spirits of Spring Dwelling deep beneath February’s doleful ending.   Hold fast, Ye prodigal children of belief, see the Fairies of the Wind for Rustling, stretching, with giggles of naughty joy, The…

Valentine Wish…

Oh, my love-my one without many romantic boxes-let the wood nymphs, the fairies, the good white witches and all cupids gather around you! Let them cast all their magic dust, pollen, leaves and spel… Source: Valentine Wish…

Everest Shells

Photograph-Tanya Ackerman-award winning photographer, Pawleys Island, SC