Nice.. — feralc4t

This photo, this place..just blew me away! It is a separate place that contradicts itself…from another place-time-world-
I want to be there-now-!
Amazing photo and post!


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Utopia Revisited

  1979-the year of  feeling completely free, undone, blown-away in love, living a blue haze of contentment, everyday was ours, being who I really was, independent again, full of hope, glad to be alive, beginning to trust my instincts and decisions, knowing my soul had found its mate. Utopia?  There is an ancient Greeks definition of that place:…

These Sons of Mine

  I expected clones. Two years and three days apart. As different as night and day from the moment they began to stir. How surprising, what a miracle! So much joy just being their mom! Babies … Source: These Sons of Mine

Tuesday Treasure

At our house there is a sudden, rapid spurt of growth and change. It seemed a long time coming. In the blink of an eye it is here. There were the lean years of not seeing our boys much. During scho… Source: Tuesday Treasure

These Daughters of Mine

My loves. The sweetest things. How can I be so blessed?  Thank you, my son for them both. Treasures I cannot hold in my hand. Words are not enough. I want to cry and dance at the same time when I s… Source: These Daughters of Mine

Hollow Hotel

Sticks and stones will break your bones Things that go Bump in the night will hurt you. Sense and secrets will wreck your mind As the troubadour’s blade slices open. Come, ye senseless and boneless, Stare down your hollow and secretive cell. Who are you now, yesterday, tomorrow? Bring sticks and stones to the Hollow…

Coming On Fall

  Some time you don’t get what you want, but what you needed was right there in front of you all the time. If you read me at all you cannot miss it. It is a category and tag in my drop-d… Source: Coming On Fall