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King Protea is an exotic Hawaiian plant. The blooms captivated me at first sight. I had a little fun with art and photography by drawing a couple of these magnificent blooms and using the photo app to enhance the colors in photo two. My ideas came from art and…


    “The Lord’s Prayer” Bobby and Myra: featured artists  

C Staff Minor and Friends

In a closed Facebook message we were challenged to find a different outcome for the Scenario in the “Bar”. Several posts were offered with 32,00+ shares. The following was my outcome.  The scenario at the “Bar” is described below the asterisks. Lots of fun for those of us who love and pretend to understand the magic…

Coming on Christmas

I love Carley Simon’s song “River”. In that wistful ballad she soulfully croons in her pure, true soprano that “it’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down tr… Source: Coming on Christmas

Oh… Percy Mercy Love!

Where were you in ’62? When soul and rounding sweet Turning Joan and typing Bob did Magic of Percy’s love rhythms meet Hoarse bard croons charismatic chords Bell-toned Madonna smiling, sings How many roads, turns, times, lives Oh…Mercy, Mercy Me! Oh…Mercy, Mercy You!