Buji-nin: Photo Seeking Title

“Buji-nin” -D.T. Suzuki would sometimes sign himself “Buji-nin” or “No Special Person” Source: Buji-nin: Photo Seeking Title

Proof of Life: Buji-nin

  A young man, tall and strong-jawed born of a line of military genius, sarcastic and exuberantly witty, played in the Age of Aquarius. He haltingly tested his professors with his grasping min… Source: Proof of Life: Buji-nin

Monday Musings…Art

Immersement into the world of art is moving at the speed of light in my life! At Last…..thank goodness! The more I learn the more I find out I do not know! How happy and excited that makes me! This morning I have the honor of meeting with a group of talented women who know…

Something Happened and Nothing Happened

Come you Huddled Masses You Impoverished And Homeless  Nationless Peoples. Come All To the Lady of Liberty Work, Live, Speak and Worship In Freedom. ______ Something Happened. Bang! You’re Bl… Source: Something Happened and Nothing Happened

Valentine Wish…

Oh, my love-my one without many romantic boxes-let the wood nymphs, the fairies, the good white witches and all cupids gather around you! Let them cast all their magic dust, pollen, leaves and spel… Source: Valentine Wish…

Proud River

Roll on in your majestic soulful grandeur, Fill and spill your uncounted tributaries, your hidden slews overhung with moss, adventures awaiting among ancient slave banks, tangled and brambled hunting holes once habitats. Mystically drawing those who know the lay of the land.    Roll on with your deep dark secrets of stately Colonial Plantation life…

Girl Stuff

I have one of those silly Pinterest pages-you know, the one with boards. One of my boards is titled “Joy Is”.  Most of it is filled with pictures of rooms I like, accessories, cute litt… Source: Girl Stuff