Art on trial Unfinished nude Waiting…she for her final debut I, my muse  

Too Dark a Light

Words unexpressed like millions of seeds lost to the wind teem in my mind. Whirling against the portal of a black hole, it’s gravity overcoming all resistance. Images in Blazing Colors like flashbacks seer seams of striating lost hope on the blank canvas. Picking up the brush from it’s jar would take the strength of…

Shape Shifters

A hoodwink captured Lens exception An axiom is shattered   “The camera never lies.” photo by author…

New Work

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King Protea is an exotic Hawaiian plant. The blooms captivated me at first sight. I had a little fun with art and photography by drawing a couple of these magnificent blooms and using the photo app to enhance the colors in photo two. My ideas came from art and…


TV adds early morning ravaging my brain Turn it off and think Finding my center does not come easily

Canticle II

My soul thirsts for the living God. The deer seeks out water brooks. My most inner self longs for you, thirsts for the living God. His mountains of stone like Him stand. His rapids and floods cover… Source: Canticle II


My pen is bent to glory. I address my verses to the King. He anointed me with grace. My pen bends to a noble theme. Your dwelling places are lovely. Your throne is beyond our comprehension. Truly i… Source: Canticle