Holy Week Words II

St. Augustine’s prayer posted yesterday is a call to praise, worship, belief and joy in forces unseen greater than ourselves.  Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter, the day of Resurrection from death to life, from UN-seeing to seeing, from despair to joy, changes  absolutely everything. I look at the work of the artists and their…


Twisted path of sticking sand Cold and desolate Dark clouds predicting gale  


A sliver of a crack I pass too near The hollowness knows me * Numb and restless, I stumble The sliver now a maw Making exquisite music * Reality and dream merge Maw and music become one I fall through the crack * Deep inside the sliver I see the crack I have passed too…

Nice.. — feralc4t

This photo, this place..just blew me away! It is a separate place that contradicts itself…from another place-time-world-
I want to be there-now-!
Amazing photo and post!

Oh… Percy Mercy Love!

Where were you in ’62? When soul and rounding sweet Turning Joan and typing Bob did Magic of Percy’s love rhythms meet Hoarse bard croons charismatic chords Bell-toned Madonna smiling, sings How many roads, turns, times, lives Oh…Mercy, Mercy Me! Oh…Mercy, Mercy You!


Bright cold blinking orbs of night Stars of twinkling endless light, Echo throughout space-less sight To the Earth, “Adore Him!”   Thundering churning ancient deep Bottomless seas,  Leviathan’s keep, Soundings so bring all to weep. All on Earth, “Adore Him!”   Thrusting volcanic majestic powers Spiraling heavenward, temple towers, Calling ever-all to sing, All the World, “Adore…


    The living orb eternally spins.  Mono-cellular to intergalactic. The Word is spoken, all begins, reforms, spins again. Gravity  

Cupid Weeps

Odin, from his glassy yonder laughs in delight Icy tears of virgins swim through swirls of night   Habard wanders, licking lovely wounds Thor, joyfully, thundering tempest sounds   Fitfull Pan, in odeous mysteries, prowls and sweeps Sweet sad Cupid, once blazing, travails and weeps  


Running, pumping, feet pat, patting  Dawning sun, striding, breathing Brimming creativity, drip, drip-salty Rising, humid, stillness-thump, thump-beating Amazing clarity, mind/soul, ramping Blazing heat, ringing, thumping, dripping Glaring, waving, throbbing, ringing, clicking Blinding brightness, straining, dripping Shuddering, thumping, ringing, blackness

To Pan

Sing a song of enchantment, Kingdoms fair, trolls, princesses gone missing, Mythical beasts mailed knights to defend. Sing a song in echoing timeness. Shermanesque star, a god, once worshiped, Reduced through ages to boy by pen. Pan-god, the mighty, horrible wonder Now a flighty playful shadow, A fairy’s familiar, storybook end. Raise the song of enchantment,…